So what is Morgane-Foster all about!

At Morgane-Foster, the IT Services team of experts uses the latest technologies to customize solutions for each client.

Our consultants invest in staff training, continuous quality improvement (CQI), and international organisation for standardisation (ISO) 9000 programs to assure the highest quality standards for all of their services.

Today more than in the past decade organisations face a number of significant challenges, including rising stakeholder expectations, flat or declining budgets, increased globalisation and the continual emergence of new technologies.

To achieve high performance, organisations must identify which IT capabilities are most critical to the success of the overall enterprise, and shape an IT organisation and capability that supports the business cost-effectively.

Morgane-Foster has extensive experience with IT transformation programs; we have helped many leading organisations improve the performance of their IT function via large-scale changes to culture, processes and technology.

Our IT transformation approach typically is self-funding. by targeting a number of quick wins early in the implementation stage, a company generally covers the cost of the entire transformation in the first year of the initiative.

Additional benefits of our IT transformation approach may include: closer alignment of business and IT, a reduction in costs, redirection of expenditures from non-strategic projects to strategic ones, Improved ROI on investments, Increased efficiency and effectiveness and Higher-quality services.

Government Gateway

  • Anti-Money Laundering.

    Our integrated cloud solution enables enhanced guest experiences while delivering the rich intelligence requiring you to comlpy with the latest HMRC directives.

    Helping you deliver better business decisions, reduce risk, increase productivity and meet compliance requirements with the easiest to deploy and manage system.


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  • CISPA Regulations.

    Our integrated cloud solution for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection. Take our Cyber Challenge

    While deliver the rich intelligence requiring you to comply with the latest CISPA recomendations by the Cabinet Office.


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  • Virtualisation

    Our virtualisation makes your infrastructure vastly simpler and more efficient. Applications get deployed faster, performance and availability soar, and operations become automated resulting in IT that's easier and less costly to own and manage...


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  • Strategy

    Our IT Strategy services focus on two key areas: creating innovative and practical IT strategies to support your business, and defining and implementing the changes required to the IT organisation and processes to execute that strategy.

    As part of that work, we will help you align your business and IT priorities, help you explore business opportunities provided by new technology innovation and build the plans and investment rationale for the proposed IT capabilities...


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  • Service Desk

    Our integrated cloud Service Desk solution enables enhanced guest experiences while delivering the rich intelligence. Easily managed, organised, and streamlined to your customer service. Drastically improve your customer's experience - all with one simple, easy-to-use system. Delivering better business decisions, reduce risk and increase productivity. Meet compliance requirements with the easiest to deploy and manage system that helps propels your business forward.


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  • Private Clients

    Our Private Clients, shhh! say no more...


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  • Migration

    Our migration service for server or database is performed by our dedicated team of specialists who work specifically with databases & servers to migrate your data or servers risk free.


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  • Infrastructure Services

    For business economy to flourish, people, goods and information must move freely. Businesses across all sectors and industries need the right conditions to grow. Reliable infrastructure is essential to achieving this. Ensuring your networks are integrated and resilient is vital. Failure to make the right choices at the right time, or pausing investment, risks not only growth but also competitiveness.


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  • Disaster Recovery

    Our comprehensive disaster recovery solutions to increase up-time and reduce risk.


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  • Consultancy

    We offer advisory services to small and medium sized businesses related to information and communication technologies.


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  • Consolidation

    Our data center consolidation is designed to reduce your IT assets by using more efficient technologies.

    Some of the consolidation technologies used in data centers today include server virtualization, storage virtualization, by replacing servers running silo applications with smaller blade systems, cloud computing, better capacity planning and automation tools, such as SolarWinds.

    Data center consolidation is a common consideration for organisations that plan to reduce the size of a single facility or merge one or more facilities in order to reduce overall operating costs and reduce IT footprint


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  • Unified Communications

    Backed by the full range of UK numbering services, we offer a selection of VOIP & SIP connections ranging from roaming softphone accounts to fully encrypted high capacity load balanced trunks for cohesive contact solutions.


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  • Retail Analytics

    Our integrated solution enables enhanced guest experiences while delivering the rich intelligence required to drive business decisions and increase customer loyalty. Meet compliance requirements with the easiest to deploy and manage system that also propels your business forward.


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